Strategic Playbook
Coaching Masterclass

Strategic Playbook is a collection of Information, Tools, Strategies and Plays that will be your guiding principles in running your business towards success.
Come join us next Strategic Playbook Masterclass on 24th & 25th August 2016.

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The Strategic Playbook Masterclass is not your typical training. Coach Ziyad really dives deep into individual business and coach us to fully realise our business potential. His coaching is what made me able to accelerate my business growth.

SME Business Growth Cycle
Business Growth During Start-up Stage. Business is not able to sustain their Growth due to high competition. Business Coaching using our V2CODE Model is able to accelerate your Business Growth to new Heights.


Attending a Training

Studies have showed that any ordinary training will help you increase your Business Performance by 22%r


Training & Coaching

When you combine both Training and Coaching, we are able to increase your business performance by 88%. Image the results your can achieve by increasing your performance by 88%

Here are the list of some of our best clients

VentureEDGE Specialise in coaching SMEs. Using our proven Turn-Key Model and our coaching experience, we have help SMEs around Malaysia. This trust has been extended by our collaboration with Government Agencies to coach their Entrepreneurs to SCALE UP their business.

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