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5 Lead Generation Mistakes

When people are too  engulfed wanting to make that sale, they tend to be the simplest mistakes in identifying the best leads that they have. Sales is not just about closing the deal. There’s plenty of thoughts that need to be considered even before you could sniff that chance of closing the multi-million dollar deal. Leads are important, as any salesman would tell you. And yet, people tend to take this matter not seriously. Here are the 5 top mistakes that one can make while getting those leads.

1. Not Having a Lead Generation Program

Too many small business owners set up shop, open their doors, and wait for business… and nothing happens. You may have the greatest product/service in the world at a superb price but if your prospective customers don’t know you exist, you still won’t sell anything. The only way you can get sales is by making your target customer base aware of what you have to offer.

2. Not Looking at the Right Leads

The world is full of people and businesses who are not prospective customers for you. They either don’t need or aren’t qualified to buy your product. It is a waste of your time and money to pitch to someone who will never become a customer. So the first step in any lead generation process is to sit down and make a list of your ideal customer’s attributes. You can then use that list to identify the places where such prospects exist.

3. Not Using Multiple Channels

Different prospects have different contact preferences. Some prefer email, others like to do business over the phone, and still others enjoy surfing social media sites. If you only use one contact channel, you’ll probably lose your chance to speak with all the prospects who prefer other methods. Similarly, when you send out marketing methods you should include multiple ways for prospects to contact you in return – email, phone and regular mail at a minimum.

4. Not Conveying Your Value

A small business owner often struggles to come up with the right message not because he has nothing to offer, but because it seems so obvious to him that it doesn’t occur to him that others might not be aware of that value. So before you start reaching out to your leads, make another list – this time it will be a list of all the benefits that your product offers. Then work several of these into your communications.

5. Not Nurturing Your Leads

Once you have a few leads and you’ve made first contact with them, don’t expect immediate results. With luck, some of those leads will buy immediately. But as a rule, it takes several contacts between yourself and a particular lead before he’ll consider buying. So once you’ve got someone on your list, keep in touch with that person in a value-building way.

With VentureEDGE, we want to make sure you close that deal! Have a great setup with your generation leads, and those sales will come in.

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