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Industrial 4.0 is here to stay whether you like it or not. It is something that we as SMEs cannot run away from but instead we need to start accepting it and learn how to use it to our advantage to create a better niche in our business and compete better in the marketplace.

Globally only a handful of countries have exhibit a strong positions in adoption of Industry 4.0. In terms of ranking, Singapore has been ranking No. 1 and Malaysia is at No. 22 in terms of readiness for adoption of industry 4.0. This is by no means translate that we cannot be ready to adopt the future waves of technology and digitisation. Nevertheless, it is not too late for us to start adopting industrial 4.0 into our business and start embracing Industry 4.0 and exploit all the opportunities that it has to offers.

    Contribution of SME GDP to Overall GDP (%)
  • 201536%
  • 202041%
  • Contribution of SME Exports to Total Exports (%)
  • 201517%
  • 202023%
  • Share of SME Employment (%)
  • 201565%
  • 202065%
  • Source: SME Corp 'Industry 4.0 and its implications to SMEs'








What To Expect

How does industrial 4.0 affect SMEs in Lifestyle Industry? by Coach Ziyad Maricar
Industry 4.0 carries many opportunities and challenges to Malaysian SMEs. Adoption of industrial 4.0 for SMEs has not been well receive especially for business that has been around more the 10 years (Traditional Business). Majority adoption of industrial 4.0 are mainly in the newly setup business by gen Z and above or bigger SMEs players. The necessary changes for the full implementation of Industry 4.0 within Malaysian SMEs are not easy. Malaysia government initiated the Third Industrial Master Plan 2010-2020 (IMP3) and the new STI policy (2013- 2020) to assist and to propel the country into the new era of industry 4.0. It is also revealed talent remained the main challenge for the country. However, Malaysia’s future productivity growth is highly dependent on the capability of the workforce to innovate and apply advanced knowledge and technologies. The issue of human capital development is critical to ensure long-term sustainable economic growth and development.
Innovate and transform your business by Gerard Teng
Data is at the core of business, whether you are a decision-maker powering your business or a developer building the next breakthrough app. Propel your business forward by modernizing to the latest mission critical on-premises and cloud solutions using Microsoft technologies. Learn how to transform with advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Join us to see first hand how you can leverage Microsoft's Data Platform to optimise your business and re-imagine how you can use data so that you can make the right decisions.
Cyber Security for SMEs. Protecting your data by Linus Yee
Industry 4.0 brings tremendous opportunities through data intelligence. As we find new ways to generate more data from our production machines all the way to customer engagement, have you ever thought: What is the impact on my business if we lose the data? Is the data being tampered with? What if the data falls into the wrong hands? Protecting your business information assets is as important as collecting them. Let us assess Cyber Security threats and find ways to prevent a business disaster or turn them into opportunities which could propel your business' position in your industry.
Performance Culture Impact in Industrial 4.0 by Anthony EL Tan
Developing a strong performance culture is a key ingredient for today organization to grow organically and to achieve sustainability. Unfortunately, many are not getting the results needed. The problem is they have not put in place a Performance Culture. To do that, it requires an organisation to change a totally different approach to thinking and to change how people carry out their work, not just operational based but, development based especially in the age of Industrial 4.0.


  • 0930am - Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • 1000am - How does industrial 4.0 affect SMEs in Lifestyle Industry? by Coach Ziyad Maricar
  • 1030am - Implementing BIG DATA into your business by Gerard Teng
  • 1100am - Cyber Security for SMEs. Protecting your data by Linus Yee
  • 1130am - Performance Culture Impact in Industrial 4.0 by Anthony EL Tan
  • 1200pm - Panel Discussion and Q&A
  • 1230pm - Available Financial Assistance for Industrial 4.0 implementation
  • 0100pm - Closing & Networking

Coach Ziyad Maricar

Chief Coaching Officer

Coach Ziyad Maricar is an Executive Business Coach. Graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science from University of Hertfordshire and MBA from Multimedia University. He is a certified business coach, performance coach and mentor. He is also a certified HRDF Trainer. Coach Ziyad specialises in Executive Business Coaching, Business Model Innovation, Entrepreneurship Training and a range of Business Soft Skills.

Anthony EL Tan

Anthony EL Tan is the Managing director of Top Foresight Sdn Bhd. Top Foresight is a leading Performance Management Consulting Firm in Malaysia with 22 years of experience in its people. Top Foresight focuses on Performance Management Solution that encompasses management consulting, framework and training methodology with ICT implementation tools to support the newly developed strategies.

Linus Yee

Linus has more than 20 years of experience architecting IT system infrastructure for retail and service industries. A keen advocate for cloud adoption at SME space, at the same time, educate business owners to manage the risks and threats that follows. Linus believes Industry 4.0 brings tremendous opportunities to SME/SMI.

Gerard Teng

Gerard Teng is an independent Microsoft Business Intelligence Consultant with myIAN Sdn Bhd, with 13 years of end-to-end BI implementation experience. He is a PWC-certified risk advisor, is an expert in Microsoft BI Stacks for Data, Enterprise Data Warehousing and Data Migration, and was the keynote speaker at Malaysia's launch of SQL Server 2017.

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