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July 13, 2017 – VentureEDGE Asia (VE) opens its doors today to celebrate Eid and engage with stakeholders, board of advisors, partners, clients, associates and business owners at TalentLounge, Damansara Perdana with an additional agenda; sharing the future success of business for those who can think beyond the obvious. The session answers the million-dollar question of how success stories begin with a myriad of failures…but not necessarily true when the right pool of like-minded and experienced leaders is backing a good plan.

In his speech, Coach Ziyad, Chief Executive Officer of VE said, “VE is set to make a difference by filling in the gaps for entrepreneurs, business owners and SMEs alike who have bigger dreams and is set to shoot for the stars. We start with our incubation program followed by the endeavor program that helps chart the business journey towards being IPO ready”.

VE core purpose is to create national and global wealth through the creation of sustainable businesses. VE’s business is in:
1. Developing a strong business strategy within the business competitive landscape through feasible & realistic implementation plan.
2. Supporting the execution and implementation of the plan with continuous leadership team consultation for the purpose of keeping the business aligned on their goals; maintain momentum and importantly manage or removal of possible hurdles.

“While a number of Venture Capitalist or VCs practice mostly ‘passive’ investment strategy, at VE we do more than mere investment. Instead, we actively participate as part of the clients’ senior management team”, says Tuan Alhami, Chief Financial Officer of VE during his speech.

Positioned as one of the more unique approach, VE experts in relevant fields take up temporary management positions in clients’ companies to oversee and train the main segments in businesses. This allows VE to ensure the strategic and tactical plans are laid out and executed in a systemized structure. The intention is to free the business owner from day-to-day operations but focused on their mastery; their purpose of building the company and pursue the dream to greater heights.

Ms Frances Aw, Chief Operating Officer said, “I joined VE as a business coach and now opted to take up the challenge as COO because I believe that our business model is the yellow brick road for many business successes. I am excited to be a part of the team that is contributing to a greater purpose in this business community. What sets VE apart is our people, our pooled expertise and our processes. Together we are confident that we can co-create results with our clients”.

Joining this exciting journey VE were Heal Within, Zeal Systems and Peppermint Avenue, who are our honoured sponsors for the day.

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