Our Programs

Incubator Program

This program is design to support the growth and development of Entrepreneurs in Malaysia to move their business to the next level. VentureEDGE Asia has worked together to create, share and integrate coordinated entrepreneurship services to accelerate the growth of SMEs in Malaysia. Together we have been helping innovation entrepreneurs develop the skills and opportunities they need to move successfully into the marketplace.

What the Program entails :
- Monthly Coaching Masterclass
- Access To Market
- Access To Funding
- Co-working Space
- Open Clinic
- Demo Day
- Networking Events

Program is open to :
- Businesses with minimum RM 300k turnover
- In the sectors of Health/ Medical or F&B or Lifestyle

Program objective:
- To nurture participants to reach RM 1 million turnover


Endeavour Program

Endeavour Program is VentureEDGE Asia's Signature Program designed to bring SMEs in ASEAN to the next level in the business performance. The ultimate goal of the Endeavour Program is to architect the business to create a sustainable, profitable and accelerated business growth. This is done by injecting the VentureEDGE team into the business as Strategic Collaborators. VentureEDGE brings together not only expertise but also a wide pool of experts, advisors, mentors and network.

Strategic Playbook
Vision, Culture, BHAG, 5 Year Road Map, Growth Strategy, Competitor Analysis & Strategic Play
Strategic Innovation
Analyze and Innovate Current Business Model Innovation tools such as Blue Ocean, SWOT & Scenario Planning.
Financial Strategy
Look into financial historical data to understand financial health moving forward in the business Financial Planning & Risk Assessment
Legal Advisory
Review all legal agreement and drafting all in-house legal agreement
Market Design
Online (Website, Social Media and Email Marketing) Offline (Events, Marketing Collateral Planning and Promotion) Sales Techniques and Closing Process
Management System
Design and Create Reports, Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs), Develop quarterly Objective and Key Results (OKRs

Program is open to :
- Businesses with minimum RM 1 mil turnover
- In the sectors of Health/ Medical or F&B or Lifestyle

Program objective:
- To nurture participants to reach a position for accelerated growth, investment and divestment


Strategic Playbook : Develop A Playbook For Business

The Strategic Playbook Master Class is VentureEDGE's signature program. It was developed out of necessity from past coaching experiences. During coaching, we constantly refer back to the company's vision, goals and strategies in order to set the direction right from the beginning, to guide the activities within the process and in the end arrive at the desired result. And more often than not, these important information are not documented and even non existent

And so, the Strategic Playbook was created to help business leaders strategise their business systematically, document these strategies and share the strategies with the team so that the entire organisation is clear and aligned to the company's vision & core purpose. The Strategic Playbook itself is a collection of information, strategies, tools, tactics, reference points and, uniquely strategic plays stored in one single repository for quick and easy reference anytime, anywhere.

Develop Your Very Own Strategic Playbook With VentureEDGE!

What you will discover at the Strategic Playbook Masterclass

- Develop a Strategic Plan for Business Growth

- Innovate the Business Model with Strategic Tools

- Design Value Propositions that increase competitive advantage

- Tackle competitors knowingly

- Create Strategic Plays for the business

What you will get:

- One (1) Strategic Playbook leather bound copy.

- One-on-One Playbook coaching.

- Business Assessment.

- and many more intangible benefits.

Who Should Sign Up:

SME Business Owners, Startup Business Owners, C-Level Executives, Managers


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